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Engineering solutions.


Moving you forward

Zot, Incorporated: a team of experienced, certified professionals dedicated to creating the solutions that move our clients onward, into their futures. We establish partnerships with established industry leaders as well as up-and-coming disruptors to ensure we always have every possible tool in our kit for whatever your business might require.




System Architecture and System Engineering

Zot has extensive experience in designing and building distributed computer systems using virtual machines and hardware-based systems. We design systems that swiftly scale up in size without increasing management complexity.


Software Engineering

Zot provides software engineering development and life cycle support to our clients in the processing of large data streams, creating web user interfaces and ReST interfaces for integration of other software systems, and automating the creation and management of large data streams.



Zot builds private and public-private hybrid cloud computing services for our clients that fit their specific requirements, working with the latest cloud vendors using VMware, Hyper-V, Docker, Amazon AWS and RedHat.


Careers at Zot

Zot, Inc. was founded by an engineer for engineers. We understand the work we do means more than just a paycheck, for all of us. We promote a work/life balance, and ensure an exciting culture for our employees and their families.

Career Development 

At Zot, we provide a mentoring environment where junior engineers can be guided by more senior engineers through the maze of IT to find and excel in their area of expertise.


Paid Time Off (PTO), Medical, Dental, Vision, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), 401K and much more.

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